More information about Parallel Skiing

A few people are asking how to get more information about the Parallel Skiing course, so here’s some information:

  1. Here is the website for Parallel Skiing with more information:
  2. If you have any questions or would like to attend an Info Eve you can send a message to Ken via the “Contact” tab of the Parallel Skiing website
  3. The Info Eves happen around October, once you’re on Ken’s mailing list he will email you the dates and you pick which date you want to attend – the Info Eve is non-binding, you can just go to get more information without being obliged to attend the course
  4. At the Info Eve you say which weekends you would like to do the course (you pick three weekends out of the six on offer).  Dates are on the “Adult Course” tab of the website
  5. Ken then manages the numbers for the weekends and emails you to confirm which dates you are booked on if you still want to join after the Info Eve – I’ve heard that some weekends get booked out in November so make sure you’re ready to commit if you do want to join the course
  6. Ken is really good at responding to queries, but feel free to ask in the comments section below too

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